The Plan

  1. Step One: Writing the story. I have created an outline and should have the story completed in the next few months. I will be uploading new episodes every month and with these episodes links to interesting videos that relate to what is happening within the story! All links will be written in Bold Green letters.
  2. Step Two: Narrating the story. I plan to narrate the story. Having an audible version would expand the audience considerably and make for a more engaging experience. Having narration will make it easier for kids to jump into the story and absorb a lot more from it.
  3. Step Three: Illustrating the story. I will need to acquire a basic income or a grant to afford this stage of development.  There is a way you could help with this! I have a  Patreon Page so if you are enjoying the story thus far and see the value in it, please head over to JOL Productions and consider contributing a few dollars a  month. When I acquire enough support, I will hire an artists to illustrate What Tomorrow Brings.
  4. Step Four: Materializing the story. Printing little books to distribute to schools and libraries throughout BC, Canada and beyond. Each book will have links back to the website so people can check out all the material linked to the story and listen to the narrated version as well.
  5. Step Five: Animating the story. I would like to create a visual version of this written story. I don’t imagine anything too eccentric. Here is a little demo. I made this video to enter for a grant of $10,000.  But, missed the deadline. It closed at 12am eastern time, not local time where the contest was being held. So I missed out. However, with a budget, and the assistance of other skilled individuals. A much more in-depth and engaging experience could be created. I’ll apply for more grants in the future and see what happens.