Episode 4 ~Playing Games~

“People are born to play and create, no matter how far we progress these activities will follow us into the stars and beyond” -Holy Olee-

Aries heads over to the food dispensers underneath the sunshade to have some breakfast. There is a lot to choose from. Aries orders a blueberry muffin, a peach, and some yogurt. The food dispenser begins to prepare the food. It ejects muffin mix into a cup and starts to quick bake it right in front of Aries’ eyes. While the muffin bakes the automated machine fills a bowl of yogurt and then slices a peach placing it in a circular arrangement neatly on top. The muffin finishes moments later. The dispenser then places everything on a tray and hands it over.

The dispensers robotic voice pipes up as Aries reaches for the tray. “Please be aware, that muffin is hot. I am not to be held responsible”

Aries holds in front of him a steaming hot muffin right out of the oven and a bowl of mouthwatering peachy yogurt prepared in mere moments, but something is missing.

“O and a chai latte please” Aries adds

The dispenser quickly whips one up as Aries stands by weighting. With a similar robotic warning, the food system hands the drink over. “This drink is hot, be aware”

“Thanks, Dips!” Aries says with a hint of irritation. He knows the dispenser is just automated to interact with people in the way it does so that they are aware and don’t burn themselves. But, he’s been hearing the same warnings day after day for a couple years now.

He sits down at a table and notices the two boys playing a float game in the skydiving simulator. The particle directing device has spawned some sparks, and the boys are trying to dodge them. It’s a pretty fun game and can get challenging on the higher levels. Stars is new to this so Leif started the game at level one. 3 watermelon size Sparks moving in a predictable pattern. Childs play for anyone that knows how to maneuver themselves in the air.

Leif try’s to show Stars how to move up and down, tilt left and right, back and forth all well dodging the sparks. A Good teacher and a good student. Stars picks it up quick. Before long they reach level two and then level three. Leif and Stars are now bouncing off the walls. Jumping, Flipping, Spinning with sparks orbiting around faster and faster following their predictable patterns.

Aries finishes his breakfast, but can’t take his eyes off the two. Now at Level four, there is 9 watermelon sized sparks and two larger sparks spiralling up and down the centre of the skydiving simulator, creating what looks similar to a DNA strand.

The speed and growing numbers of sparks finally catch up with stars lack of experience. As he tries to avoid a spark he drops right onto another. The sparks impact looks painful as it explodes in a bright light sending him spinning with kinetic energy. Just as he regains his composure on the wall a second watermelon sized spark connects with his shoulder and again he is sent flying out of control. This time bouncing off the wall before flattening him out, which then causes him to rise in elevation.

Leif sees his cousin floating out of control heading straight for one of the larger orbs in the centre of the simulator. He reacts quickly. Adjusting his pitch, diving in altitude, surpassing the central orb that is on a collations course with stars. Leif makes contact with stars and pushes him out of the way, but as he does the central orb comes down on him. KaBoom!!! It sends Leif flipping head over heels and releases three smaller sparks.

Aries’ eyes are open wide as he watches one of the smaller sparks makes contact with stars for the third time. Three hits and your out. Aries has played the game many times and is rather good at it but he doesn’t spend much time watching others play. It’s quite spectacular. The fans slow and the boys touch down.

“That was Awesome!” Stars yells with excitement. “Let’s go again!”.

Leif response to his cousin, but Aries cannot hear him.

The fans start up and the two boys begin another round.

Aries could watch these guys a bit longer but more interesting things are seeking his attention. Aries belongs to the creator class of humans. These classifications are self-given and flexible.  At anytime people can change their classification. This allows people to evolve and grow freely with their developing interests.

As a creator Aries has more responsibilities than a lot of people. But, these responsibilities come with perks such as having access to resources that others do not and he’s able to acquire new technology before it is mass produced.

Thoughts are interrupted by Uta’s voice.

“Sorry to interrupt Aries, but it seems you are needed at Vertical Roots.”

“Alright, I’ll leave right away.”

Aries stands up, stretches his back, takes one more look at the boys flying around above the green city and heads to the zip line that is running towards the personal transit access center.


or Check out this video on indoor skydiving by the Wall Street Journal.


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