Episode 2 ~ Wake Up~

Alternative perspectives change the world.

If you find some that make sense, support them. 

 Share them and know you’re directing the future.

Aries mumbles peacefully. The Unlimited Teaching Assistant proceeds to open the blinds through its connection to the smart environment. Soft morning light fills the room.

Aries rubs his eyes briefly, then asks. “Uta can you play an audio bite?” his eyes are still closed as he makes the simple request from the little digital dragon.

The dragon responds in a gentle voice “Yes I could. But, if I do you are sure to miss the sunrise. You remember that your creativity, productivity and alertness are boosted considerably on the days that you wake up early and fly.”

“Ya, oots… It’s hard to forget when you keep reminding me.” Aries eyes slowly bud to see Uta projecting a hologram of the skydiving simulator.

Aries imagination was captivated by dragons when he was younger. It was an easy decision when prompted to name and customize his personal AI. Now when his unlimited teaching assistant, Uta is projected or rendered through any interface it takes the shape of a cute snake-like dragon.

“I would prefer to play an audio bite after you’re up and moving.” Uta always has the boys best interests in mind. “If you’re quick you’ll be the first in line and be able to catch the sunrise from the cylinder… As usual”

Aries swings his legs over the bed and looks at the hologram of Uta. He lifts his hands and eyebrows with a little flair of audited “Alright Oots, I’m up!”

He springs out of bed and reaches for the sky, yawning well he stretches his back and arms. The hologram of Uta moves back quickly to give the boy his space. “I had another dream about the past,” Aries says in a distorted yawning voice as he scoops Uta’s chip out of the particle projector. WTB-E2-UTA Chip in hand

Uta’s Holographic projection disappears. Aries slips the small piece of tech into the pocket of the shorts he has on and grabs the self-cleaning shirt off the floor. WTB-E2-pocketingWTB-E2-pick up shirtHe has been wearing the same shirt for about 2 years. He doesn’t think much anymore of all the work and brains that had gone into these clothes, but he sure appreciates the fact that he only needs one pair and never has to spend time cleaning them. It’s just one of the many things that make’s his life simple.

“You are having a lot of dreams about the past. This is the 3rd in a row. 9 in the last two weeks. Why do you think this is?” Uta’s question can be heard clearly even though he was unplugged and is bouncing around in a pocket.

With no need to make breakfast or pack a lunch Aries is quickly out the door to start his day. “I’m not sure…” The old skyscraper is silent at this time. He hits the up arrow to call the elevator while contemplating why he’s dreaming of the past so much recently. The elevator door opens and Aries walks in and presses the button for the top floor. “Why do you think I’m having these dreams?”WTB-E2-Before The Door

“Were you talking with people from the past about the future again?” Uta tries to help Aries figure himself out by asking thought-provoking questions.

Aries watches the counting numbers “Well… ya, but they were really non-responsive this time. Almost like I was speaking a different language or something, They just stared at me in silence”

“What did you say to them?” Uta probes with another question.

“Well… I was trying to talk to them about the opportunity they have to live a life that could greatly affect the future of humanity. A life so important and meaningful. I would give anything to live a life with such opportunities and challenges.” Aries spoke with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

-BING- The elevator sounds.

The door opens. Aries exits onto the top floor of the skyscraper. He is slow to move as he heads up the stairs to the roof. As he drags his feet his thoughts drift to how much more meaning his life could have had if he lived in the final decades of the monetary age in the early 21st century.

Sensing Aries mood and coming to some conclusions Uta comments “I think I know why you are having such dreams”

Aries pushes the door open. A fresh and powerful breeze hits him. His mood changes as the door close’s behind him. “O ya?” he blurts out “Do you mind saving it for later I love this moment.”

“Certainly, I will collect my observations and get back to you with something of considerable value”

Aries walks over to the edge of the skyscraper. Facing the direction of where the sun is about to rise. He pays little attention to the silhouetted forest city. Instead, he focuses on the glowing horizon for a few moments before turning around and heading towards the giant glass cylinder. As he walks up to the massive machine he pulls Uta out of his pocket and plugs the chip into the control center. Then reaches for the suit and helmet that fits him to a T.

As he slips into the gear he dictates a command “start the fans Oots!”

The vibrations progress into a loud hum as the fans accelerate up to speed. A moment later he pulls the helmet on. His ears thank him. He quickly opens the door and jumps into the skydiving simulator to catch the rising sun.

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